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Happy Place is proudly participates in Delaware Stars and uses Creative curriculum in daily activities, which is approved by Delaware Stars. It includes social/emotional activities, math/and science, language, reading and writing, physical activities and much more. In addition to that, Happy Place uses Christian curriculum which includes by not limited to weekly Bible stories, Christian song, art and craft, prayer before food and memorization of weekly Bible verses. It is important for us to teach young children good Christian values, so they can distinguish between right and wrong and make good choices in the future



Happy Place welcomes babies at 6 weeks old. Our experienced staff will provide lots of love and attention to your little ones. Our babies do the following actives daily:
Tummy time/ baby yoga to help with large motor skills
Reading books/singing songs/finger play
Teacher/Peer communication through active play


At Happy Place we encourages the cognitive development of your child's independence as well as social skills. Your toddler will spend their days playing in imaginative learning centers such as blocks, dramatic play, housekeeping, creative movement with dance, and much more, while learning social skills which are essential in future relationships building. Theme-based lesson plans stimulate language development in English and Spanish and promote fine motor skills, colors, shape recognition, love of books, and much more. Potty training is another essential skills your toddler will learn while he/she is at Happy Place

Pre-School and Pre-K

At Happy Place, teachers work hard to encourage children to learn through independence and creativity. Our programs are designed so that each child will experience lots of opportunity to choose from a variety of classroom learning centers, such as art, science, dramatic play, blocks and much more. In addition to that children will complete daily worksheets in math and language and learn how to write their first and last names, identify letters and their sounds, add and subtract numbers, identify patterns and tally marks and other important components which are required for kindergarten success.

School Age


Happy Place offers before and after care for school age children during school days and full days of care when the schools are closed. Our teachers assist children with homework on a daily basis as well as providing multiple activities for relationship building, conflict resolutions and learning new skills and much more.

School Camp​

Summer days at Happy Place are full of fun and learning. Your child will experience new science experiments weekly as well as learning new skills such as sawing and knitting (for girls) and carpentry for boys. Splash days are done weekly, so do not forget your bathing suite! In addition to that we continue working on math and language skills, so children kept remembering the skills they had learned at school. Educational/nature field trips are also part of our summer program.

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